In order to fully understand the products and services we provide, clients ask a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of questions that we get most often so that you can better understand the products and services we offer.

What is a ROS banner?

ROS stands for Run Of Site – which means that your banners will be shown throughout the website in rotation with other advertisers. ROS banner appear on any of the pages, including the landing page.

When you click on a banner can the link go to any page I want?

Yes! Regardless of what your banner is advertising – it is 100% your decision on where your banner link takes our users.

When you click on my name in my listing can this go to any page I want?

No! When our users click on your listing name they are routed from your short listing to your detailed listing.

Can I change categories part way through my contract?

Yes! You do have the ability to change categories if you want to – but keep in mind that changing categories may change your position.

Example: You are listed as #1 in Restaurants > Downtown Restaurants and would like to move from Downtown Restaurants to Fine Dining your listing would fall in the last available "featured" position in that category.

Who can I contact if I am having trouble making changes to my listing?

If you are having difficulties with your listing and require assistance please e-mail - our Customer Service Manager.

If I purchase a standard listing now can I upgrade to a featured later?

Yes! If you purchase a standard listing and decide you would like up upgrade to a featured we will credit any money you have paid against the price of a featured listing – all you have to pay is the difference.

I don't see a category that suits my business (or service). Can you add a new category for me?

Yes! We are always adding new categories to our directories. If you feel your business (or service) is not represented well within our current categories we would be happy to create a new one for you.

How often does the newsletter go out?

Our e-newsletter is sent out once a week – every Thursday!

What is the deadline to be in the newsletter?

Our e-newsletter is compiled every Wednesday by noon so that a test can be sent internally. Deadline to be placed in the e-newsletter (ad and event listings) is 12:00pm on Wednesday of each week.

If I submit an event, how long does it take to be posted on the calendar?

After you submit an event your information is sent to our Events & Promotions Manager. Once she receives your e-mail she will contact you within 24 hours with pricing information. Once you have come to an agreement, signed the contract, and your payment is received she will post your event within 24 hours.

If we purchase social media blasts, can we choose when they're sent out? Can we choose what they say?

Yes! If you purchase a social media package from us and would like to pre-write your Tweets and Facebook posts you most certainly can – and you can also choose the date and time you want each post sent.

Can the logo in my listing be larger?

No! The space where your logo is located is part of website code, and cannot be changed. Keep in mind that this means each logo box is identical in size, so every client has the same size logo on their listing.

Can my listing include multiple locations?

Yes! Your directory listing with Canadian Kiosk can have more than one location. However- event listings cannot.