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1. Your competitors are online!
The best reason to market online is keeping up with your competition! Forget the "I'm a local business" mentality because no matter what your business is, one of your competitors is successfully using the Internet in their advertising mix.


2. Your customers are online!
Over the past several years the number of consumers online has increased significantly.  Online retail sales will grow by almost 25% this year, according to Forrester Research. It is important to keep in mind that people not only purchase online, but use the Internet to research before making their buying decision.


3. Greater marketplace expansion!
Boundaries are nonexistent and less restrictive with online advertising which makes it easier to reach new customers not just locally - but globally.


4. Release time sensitive materials faster!
With online advertising you have the ability to make information available anytime you want. You can make changes instantly - which is something you cannot do with printed advertising materials. Online advertising also allows you to send  last minute sales announcements to your customers, along with any other type of promotion.


5. Make information more easily available to customers and visitors!
You can post your hours of operation, brochures, catalogs, photos, videos, audio giving potential customers a better understanding of your business/services.


6. Ability to conduct business 24 hours a day!
Internet allows you to be accessible to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


7. Test new services and products!
Since information is more timely you can reach markets faster and quicker than with traditional advertising mediums. Online advertising allows you can test new ideas, or try a new marketing campaign before investing in other advertising options.


8. Extremely cost effective!
It costs a lot more to run radio or print ads in local papers than it does to put an advertisement online. Putting brochures, banners, and newsletters online saves a fortune in printing cost, and news releases can be distributed over the Internet much quicker. Online advertising decreases administrative costs, while increasing your potential revenue.


9. Traceable/Measurable!
Everything that is done online is 100% measurable, which is something that radio/print/TV ads cannot provide. When something is done electronically, there is a database gathering information in real time. This database is able to provide your business with numbers and data that is crucial to the success of any online marketing strategy.


The Internet is not going away.


How much potential business are you losing by ignoring this powerful marketing tool?

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